Corporate Officers

Karl G. Glassman President, CEO
Matthew C. Flanigan Exec. VP, CFO
David M. DeSonier Sr. VP, Strategy and Investor Relations
Scott S. Douglas Sr. VP, General Counsel and Secretary
Russell J. Iorio Sr. VP, Corporate Development
Sheri L. Mossbeck Sr. VP, Treasurer
Kenneth W. Purser Sr. VP, Chief Tax Officer
Perry E. Davis Exec. VP, Residential Products and Industrial Products
J. Mitchell Dolloff Exec. VP, Specialized Products and Furniture Products
Jack D. Crusa Sr. VP, Operations
Dennis S. Park Sr. VP, Operations
Paul F. Archer, Jr. Business Intelligence
Dan C. Baldwin Operations Services
Lance G. Beshore Public Affairs and Government Relations
Michael W. Blinzler Information Technology
Maik Breckwoldt Logistics
Benjamin M. Burns Internal Audit and Due Diligence
Jason L. Gorham Human Resources
Susan R. McCoy Investor Relations
Niels S. Mossbeck Business Development
Marcus T. Olsen Procurement
Tammy M. Trent Chief Accounting Officer
John J. Case Fashion Bed
Laurence J. Dunn Carpet Cushion
Randall M. Ford Home Furniture
J. Anthony Garrett Machinery
Jerry W. Greene, Jr. Fabric and Geo Components
W. Robert McKinzie Drawn Wire
J. Eric Rhea Bedding
Jay M. Thompson Adjustable Bed
Kyle S. Williams Work Furniture
James R. York Rod and Wire Products