Contact the L&P Audit Committee

Should you become aware of any questionable accounting, internal controls or auditing matters, you may report your concerns confidentially and anonymously to the Company's Audit Committee by any of the options listed below. If you don't report anonymously, your identity will be kept confidential to the fullest extent reasonably practical and allowed by law. The Company's Vice President of Internal Audit, Lindsey Odaffer, has a direct reporting relationship to the Audit Committee and is responsible for processing and maintaining records of the reports.

At your request, you will receive a written acknowledgment of your written complaint or concern.

Call the Audit
Write to the Audit
E-mail the Audit
(888) 401-0536 L&P Audit Committee
Attn: Lindsey Odaffer
P.O. Box 757
Carthage, MO 64836

Our company prohibits any form of discrimination, retaliation or harassment against any employee who, in good faith, reports or participates in an investigation of reported questionable accounting, internal controls or auditing matters.
Page revised on: 1/11/2018